Telephone:  07968 487 301
Telephone:  07968 487 301

Workplace Engagement Investigations and Surveys
Is there something not quite right in your business? Low morale, high turnover and mediocre performance are just a few concerns that can be preventing you and your team from reaching their full potential. I have a wide range of experience in partnering with organisations to provide both qualitative and quantitative information regarding employee engagement.
I approach this by:

  • Building rapport with employees to enable them to open up and freely share their most helpful opinions and information about the organisation.
  • Using appropriate skills in questioning and listening to ensure a consistent and robust approach during conversations and focus groups.
  • Demonstrating the highest levels of integrity to guarantee confidentiality and objectively pass on information that is clear, honest and thorough enough to inform action plans.
  • Summarising information effectively to ensure that the information provided to the company is both factual and impartial to allow the business to really understand the underlying issues within their business.
  • Supporting and facilitating the development of action plans to make appropriate improvements to the business.
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